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Support your clients in daily life

Access the most effective psychological tools and techniques. Motivate your clients outside of session, and help them practice the skills for a meaningful life.



Schrijf je dit jaar in voor de fysieke ACT Basisopleiding en doe mee voor de prijs van de Zoom opleiding en betaal slechts € 1.245,- i.p.v. € 1.595,-. Deze najaarsactie is wegens succes een maand verlengd en geldig t/m 30 september 2021

Here’s how it works: As a therapist, you will have a paid, professional license, which will give you full access to all the content in our data-base. You can then begin to add as many clients as you want, who will all get their version of the app for free. Once you added a client, you can send him or her all of the tests, exercises, animations, games and videos that fit the client’s needs. You can even upload your own materials, like videos, meditations, plain text or photos, to enrich and personalize the Ehealth you’re using to support your work as a professional.

Buy a year license on our app now, and save 25%!

Discover our educational courses

In collaboration with Praxis, we developed online training programs for health professionals. You can get live training, and we also offer continuing education credit to psychologists, social workers, counselors, behavior analysts, MFT’s,, physicians, nurses and more. 

Discover our world with all the great authors of ACT- and PBT-related books from New Harbinger

Steven C. Hayes

Steven C. Hayes is the founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and a worldwide known author and clinician. He has written up to 50
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Gijs Jansen

Gijs Jansen was one of the first ACT pioneers in The Netherlands. He has written 15 books about it, and 100+ articles. He is founder
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Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith is the head of Praxis and thus responsible for all the educational courses. He is also the co-author of ‘Get out of your
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